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BE IT REMEMBERED, that the White County Commissioners held a regular meeting on Monday, March 19, 2012, at the White County Building, Commissioners’ Conference room, beginning at 8:00 a.m.


Commissioners present were:  President John C. Heimlich, Vice President Steve Burton and Commissioner David Diener.  Also present was the White County Attorney George Loy, White County Auditor Jill Guingrich and the commissioners’ secretary Donya Tirpak.


Commissioner Heimlich called the meeting to order.



  • Commissioner Diener made a motion to approve the minutes as presented for the regular meeting held on March 6, 2012, as presented.  Seconded by Commissioner Burton.  Vote:  Unanimous



  • Commissioner Burton made a motion to approve the payroll as presented, seconded by Commissioner Diener.  Vote:  Unanimous



  • Commissioner Diener made a motion to approve and pay the claims as presented, seconded by Commissioner Burton.  Vote:  Unanimous



Commissioner Diener said that he did talk with the local fire department and they can’t monitor the fire pump.  The commissioners asked their secretary to please call Brenneco Fire Protection to see if they can set up an alarm system for us and find out how much would it cost.



  • Commissioner Burton made a motion to appoint BJ Propes as the White County Highway Superintendent effectively immediately replacing Steve Brooke, seconded by Commissioner Diener.  Vote:  Unanimous



White County Attorney George Loy discussed a section in the policy where the Highway Superintendent had to choose one of the options available to the county for diluted specimens.   He said Mr. Probes chose Option #2.


Section F. Controlled Substance Testing


5.       Diluted Specimens

Guidance for policy on what to do if a test is reported diluted to you by the MRO:  DOT allows the employer to have a policy to do nothing about a diluted test or you may require another test.  We have provided suggested wording below – select and/or edit the choice you want and delete the other choice when you edit this area.  The notes that were provided with this model provide additional information on the dilute rules.


#1 – No policy to retest individuals who have a diluted test:

If a test is reported as negative and diluted the County’s policy will not require another test.  We will accept the diluted test as a valid negative test.


#2 – Policy to retest individuals who have a diluted test:

If a test is reported as negative and diluted, it will be the policy of the County to require an immediate recollect for another test.  The employee will be given the minimum possible advance notice to report for another test.  The result of this second test will become the test of record.  If the second test is also negative and diluted the test will be accepted as a valid test and no additional testing will be required.  If the employee is directed to take another test and declines to do so, this will be considered a refusal to test and have the consequences of a refusal to test.


  • Commissioner Burton made a motion to accept the new Substance Abuse Policy for the White County Highway Department with Option #2 to be added under the Diluted Specimens in Section F, under Controlled Substance Testing, seconded by Commissioner Diener.  Vote:  Unanimous


Commissioner Diener asked if this policy covers all employees or just employees with Commercial Driver’s License.  Superintendent Probes said it is only for employees that carry a CDL license.



Joe Rogers, Director, presented the following rezoning request to the commissioners.


Rezoning Petition #1000

Richard C. Roach II & Sharon A. Roach is requesting to rezone 150.693 acres from an A-1 (General Agriculture) to an I-2 (Heavy Industrial District).  The property is located at 4903 E. Luse Road, Monticello.


A public hearing was properly advertised and held on March 12, 2012, at the Twin Lakes High School regarding this petition.  The Area Plan Commission submit this rezoning request to the commissioners as an unfavorable recommendation by a vote of 4 yes and 7 no.


Director Rogers presented copies of all the documents that have been received by the Area Plan Department.  All documents are public record.  He also presented copies of the meeting’s minutes from the public hearing held on March 12, which were unedited and unapproved at this time.


Director Rogers asked the commissioners if they have any further questions.


Commissioner Heimlich asked if the minutes were transcript.  Director Rogers said that they were not typed word-for-word but a recording of the meeting is available.


Commissioner Heimlich said that they will take this under advisement and take time to read over all of the material and also listen to the recording of the meeting.  They will set a date on the hearing at a later date.


Commissioner Heimlich asked if there was anyone that had any questions about the procedure of the hearing.  No response.



Matthew Murray, Owner of Clean Zone Marketing, Inc., appeared before the commissioners to give a presentation on putting advertisements on Council on Aging transit vehicles to bring in additional income.   A three year contract will have to be signed by Council on Aging.


Commissioner Burton said that he doesn’t see any problems with doing this and he feels comfortable knowing that the County Attorney reviewed the contract.  He thanked Mr. Murray for coming to the meeting and giving a presentation.  PERMISSION GRANTED


At this time, White County Council President, Denny Carter, called the Council members to order in joint session with the Commissioners.  Council members present were:


President Denny Carter                      Gary Hendryx                      Denny Cain

Raymond “Butch” Kramer                               Jim Annis                              Bruce Clear

Kevin “Casey” Crabb



White County Building Inspector, Dave Anderson, reported that even with the great weather, there still isn’t much building going on in White County.  For the month of February there were fifteen permits issued, one was for a new home.  There still hasn’t been much activity for new houses.



White County Environmental Officer Jim Reynolds reported the following:


  • Received 14 complaints on junk yards, junk vehicles, and other environmental issues.
  • Delivered three abatement letters to three property owners in Idaville.
  • Responded to an odor investigation in Monon at the library and Methodist Church.
  • Made 8 landfill inspections.
  • Made 5 transfer inspections.


On the Health Department side, Mr. Reynolds reported the following:

  • Received 17 calls on various issues.
  • Attended a 2 day conference on vector control.
  • Participated in 2 training exercises.
  • Issued 3 permits for septic systems this month.
  • Received 13 calls on other septic issues from reviewing soil samples to regulations on new systems.



White County Economic Development Director, Connie Neininger, presented the Director’s Report for February 2012.


Mrs. Neininger reported that OCRA, Office of Community and Rural Affairs, has taken over the shovel ready process.  We submitted the City of Monticello’s shovel ready site last year for certification and we are now getting ready to submit the Wolcott site.  Gerry White will be running the program.


The original location of the “Look Out Site” was planned for property owned by St. Joseph College but they have decided not to have public access on their property.   Connie said that she is now talking with another property that is interested.


Connie has spoken with Shannon Mattix, President of the North White School Board, about the Reynolds elementary building hopefully being transferred within the next 60 days so they have it as a renewable energy education center.


Visitors from China are coming April 5-6 to visit Monticello.

Vanguard is still going strong and still working on the employee entrance. One hundred twenty-five people attended the annual Economic Development luncheon.



Dave Stimmell, Town of Monon Council Member, appeared before the commissioners and council explaining that the Town of Monon was awarded a grant from OCRA, Office of Community and Rural Affairs, in 2011 for $500,000.  The estimate for the construction phase was $279,000.  The first set of bids that came in was $104,000 over the estimate so they re-bid the project and the second set of bids came in at the same amount.


Mr. Stimmell requested additional funds of $110,000 from the landfill funds to help them out with this project.  He said that out of the 1.86 million tons that were delivered to the landfill last year 95% of those trucks went through Monon.  This is a big impact on their infrastructure.


Councilman Bruce Clear said that a committee consisting of commissioners, councilman, and subcommittee did meet with Mr. Stimmell to discuss the proposal and project.   The committee felt that it was a worthwhile cause and justifiable because of all the traffic coming from Monon.


Commissioner Burton pointed out that if they would’ve reapplied for the “downtown revitalization” grant, which was administered through K-IRPC, the grant would’ve dropped down to $250,000.


Commissioner Heimlich said that the Town of Monon has requested landfill funds before because of their situation with all of the trucks coming through.  At that time, he was always adamant about not handing out landfill funds.  He said that he supports this request now because this is a special project that will help them with their situation and prevent them from loosing the grant.  He pointed out that this does not mean that the flood gates are open with this fund.


  • Commissioner Burton made a motion to approve the $110,000 to the Town of Monon from the Landfill Operating Fund, seconded by Commissioner Diener.  Vote:  Unanimous


  • Councilman Kramer made a motion to approve the $110,000 to the Town of Monon from the Landfill Operating Fund, seconded by Councilman Clear.  Vote:  Unanimous



Commissioner Heimlich explained that the semi trucks that are using the two intersections, 550 East Shafer and 550 & 600, are having difficulties making the turns.  Improvements to the first intersection will require some right-of-way acquisition, not a great deal and not a big project.  Approval will be needed from NIPSCO to remove a gas line.  The other intersection will be a bigger problem.  There are fiber optics and an REMC pole that needs to be moved.  Discussions will need to be made with Pulaski-White Rule telephone and REMC.  These won’t be major projects but right now discussions need to be made with the utility companies.


Commissioner Heimlich said that any cost would be taken from the Economic Development Fund.



Connie Neininger, Economic Development Director, discussed Vanguard moving their employee gate entrance south to Quarry Road because CSX is removing the crossing.  The cost for Vanguard to do this is $103,960.


Gate removal and relocation to the south area.                                            $  9,184

Entrance grade preparation and gate electrical work.                                  $  3,750

Paving for grade preparation along Quarry road.                                         $  4,116

Guard House relocation and electrical connection.                                      $  2,910

Asphalt road (20’x1836’) from entrance to the employee lot.   $84,000


Connie said Vanguard is asking if the county could help them out in any way.  Commissioner Heimlich said that this is a way of taking care of our existing companies.  If a new company was coming in there would be other cost considered as incentives.  The commissioners feel that $50,000 would be reasonable considering that they haven’t asked for a specific amount.


Connie pointed out that when Vanguard made some major upgrades to their buildings and equipment in 2009, they did not come to the county for any tax abatements.


  • Commissioner Burton made a motion to approve to participate and pay $50,000 in the Vanguard project and leave it up to the council as to what Economic Development fund it comes out of, seconded by Commissioner Diener.  Vote:  Unanimous


  • Councilman Kramer made a motion to approve the project and the council will choose the fund at a later date, seconded by Councilman Annis.  Vote:  Unanimous



Connie Neininger, Director of Economic Development, discussed payments made from the Economic Development Corp., for the Wolcott Corridor project.  She said that the county did pay $3,700 to purchase land where the water tower and lift station will be located.  TP&W was not happy with the location of the water tower.  To keep things on schedule, agreements were made that the county would purchase the 5.4 acres of excess land that surrounds the water tower for $33,000.  Since this was not covered in the grant it was agreed that the Economic Development Corp. would purchase the 5.4 acres for $33,000 for future development.  Connie is requesting reimbursement of the $33,000.


  • Commissioner Burton made a motion to approve the purchase of the two properties, the water tower and the lift station totaling .661 of an acre, seconded by Commissioner Diener.  Vote:  Unanimous


Connie also reported that the house donated by the hospital has been transferred over to the county and she would like to be reimbursed the money so she can pay back the White County REMC grant.  The amount will be $33,568.55 and use the remaining balance of $6,431.45 from the Ivy Tech fund for the reimbursement.


Commissioner Heimlich said that the funding for the White County REMC grant and the purchase of the 5.4 acres is up to the council.



  • Commissioner Diener made a motion to approve the purchase of the longitude Occupancy Permit and the Right-Of-Way entry permit for the railroad, seconded by Commissioner Burton.  Vote:  Unanimous



The Commissioners presented former White County Highway Superintendent Steve Brooke with a plaque thanking him for his 41 years of service to White County and the Commissioners.


There being no further business to come before the council, their meeting was adjourned.



There being no further business to come before the commissioners, their meeting was adjourned.




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John C. Heimlich, President                 Steve Burton, Vice President                  David Diener, Member








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Jill Guingrich, Auditor