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BE IT REMEMBERED that a regular meeting of the White County Council was held at the White County Building at Monticello at 9:00 A.M. on October 15, 2012 for the purpose of discussing the additional appropriations and other business that might come before the membership.
Council President Dennis Carter called the Council meeting to order in joint session with the Commissioners.  The following members were present:

Dennis E Carter     Kevin L Crabb            Gary W Hendryx
Bruce D Clear        Raymond L Kramer Jr     James G Annis
Dennis D Cain

For content of joint session, see Commissioners’ minutes.

Councilor Kramer made a motion to accept the September 17, 2012 minutes.  Councilor Annis seconded the motion.                              Vote:  Unanimous

The following transfers were received:

AMOUNT    FROM                               TO
White Superior Court

$   253.00    001-20-03-03            001-20-03-01
Printing Supply            Medical/Psychiatric

$   550.00    001-20-03-10            001-20-03-01

Subscription/Tuitions  Medical/Psychiatric

$2,500.00    001-20-04-01            001-20-03-01
Office Equipment        Medical/Psychiatric

$2,500.00    001-20-04-02            001-20-03-01
Computer Equipment   Medical/Psychiatric

Councilor Kramer made a motion to approve the above transfers.  Councilor Annis seconded the motion.                                Vote:  Unanimous   

White County Highway Department
$10,000.00    60-1000-3-35            60-1000-4-51
Bridge 229                  Bridge 159

Councilor Crabb made a motion to approve the above transfer.  Councilor Cain seconded the motion.                                    Vote:  Unanimous   

White County Highway Department Director Propes said he is going to purchase a new pickup truck and radios.  He has the funds, so he is not asking for additional money.  He just wanted the Council to be aware that he will be replacing one that has 253,000 miles.

White County Council Secretary Nydegger said the Brookston-Prairie Township Public Library Board is requesting that Julie Reel be reappointed as she has served faithfully and has indicated her willingness to continue.  Auditor Guingrich suggested we see what it would take to get this appointment date to coincide with the other appointments in January.  Councilor Kramer asked Secretary Nydegger to check with the Library about adding a few months to the appointment date. 
Councilor Kramer made a motion to reappoint Julie Reel to the Board of Trustees of the Brookston-Prairie Township Public Library.  Councilor Hendryx seconded the motion. 
Vote:  Unanimous

Jail Commander Terry Corso said the Sheriff’s Department and Community Corrections are wanting to swap employees.  Brittany Evans will go from the Jail to Community Corrections, and Melanie Scrivens will go from Community Corrections to the Jail.  Each one will assume the other’s current pay which Jail Commander Corso said is about a $1,500.00 difference.  Auditor Guingrich questioned the amounts.  According to the Matrix and figures she was viewing, it appeared to be closer to a $4,500.00 difference. 

The Councilors scanned over the budget again, and there were no objections or questions.
Councilor Clear made a motion to adopt the 2013 White County Budget.  Councilor Kramer seconded the motion.                            Vote:  Unanimous

Larry Woodhouse, Disabled American Veterans Commander of District 3 and Senior Vice Commander of Chapter #28 gave his business card to Councilors.  He said if they have any questions on veteran’s issues or are seeking advice to please call.  He is aware that White County will be replacing long-time Veterans Director Tom Carter, and wants to assist in any way he can.

There being no further business to bring before the Council, Councilor Kramer made a motion to adjourn.  Councilor Annis seconded the motion.            Vote:  Unanimous

___________________________             ___________________________            ___________________________          
DENNIS E CARTER, PRESIDENT                     JAMES ANNIS                               GARY W HENDRYX                                         

___________________________             ___________________________            ___________________________
DENNIS D CAIN                               KEVIN L CRABB                         RAYMOND L KRAMER JR

___________________________              Attest:  ___________________________
BRUCE D CLEAR                                  JILL GUINGRICH, AUDITOR