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BE IT REMEMBERED, that the White County Commissioners held a regular meeting on Monday, January 7, 2013. The meeting was held at the White County Building, Commissioners’ Conference room, beginning at 8:00 a.m.

Commissioners present were: President John C. Heimlich, Vice President Steve Burton, and Commissioner David Diener. Also present was the White County Auditor, Gayle Rogers; White County Attorney, George Loy; and the Commissioners’ Secretary, Donya Tirpak.

Commissioner Heimlich called the meeting to order and announced that the new auditor, Gayle Rogers, is in attendance today.


  • Commissioner Diener made a motion to nominate John Heimlich as President and Steve Burton as Vice President of the Commissioners, seconded by Commissioner Burton. Vote: Unanimous


  • Commissioner Diener made a motion to approve the minutes from the special meeting held on December 28, 2012, seconded by Commissioner Burton. Vote: Unanimous


  • Commissioner Burton made a motion to approve the payroll as presented, seconded by Commissioner Diener. Vote: Unanimous


Lisa Downey, Assessor, explained that she did request bids for her 2013 appraisal support services by advertising in local papers and also submitting the specifications to vendors. Assessment Analytics, Inc., out of Rensselaer was the only bid that was received.

The proposal from Assessment Analytics will cover appraisal support services for new construction that have had building permits issued between March 1, 2012, and March 1, 2013. This will cover residential, agricultural, commercial, industrial, exempt, and utility parcels. The fee of the proposal was $24,300. The cost to have a representative attend the Property Tax Board of Appeals hearings is $300.00 per diem per person, not to exceed 25 days.

Commissioner Diener asked who prepared the specification sheet when the request for bids was advertised. Mrs. Downey said that Scott Potts assisted her putting the specifications together by looking over an older RFB and making necessary changes according to the new laws.

Commissioner Diener mentioned that the only bid that was received was from the person who helped put together the specifications. Also, this is a company that was started last fall and this individual worked for the company that we dealt with previously.

Assessor Downey said that she would re-advertise for bids if needed, but she didn’t think that any more interest would be received because Indiana Assessment specifically told her that they will not be putting in a bid. She said that she has been very satisfied with Mr. Potts performance.

  • Commissioner Diener made a motion to table this decision for further review and discuss at the next meeting, seconded by Commissioner Burton. Vote: Unanimous

Commissioner Heimlich said that they will make the appointments to the Property Tax Board of Appeals board at the next meeting.


White County Attorney, George Loy, announced that request for proposals were advertised for a new E911 system. The time has now expired for proposals to be submitted. Proposals were received from the following:

CenturyLink, Monticello, IN

INdigital telecom, Fort Wayne, IN

The commissioners accepted the bids and announced that they will take them under advisement and award at a later date.


Union Township Trustee Mary Walters asked permission to install a tornado siren on county property in Union Township. Their ideal location would be to put the siren 40’ east of the southeast corner of the Information Booth. This location would cover areas at the Pine View Golf Course/Hotel, CDC, Norway, Indiana Beach, Country Club residential area and the new Baseball Complex.

Area Plan Director, Joe Rogers, said that the zoning districts in that area do not permit structures at the height of 50’. He said zoning restrictions will have to be dealt with before the siren is put up.

Commissioner Heimlich said that he didn’t see this being a problem. He asked Mr. Rogers to look into the height restrictions and asked Attorney Loy to write-up a lease agreement.


Terri Conwell, Director of E911, explained how the tornado sirens are set off by the 911 center and by a radio frequency. The tornado sirens now have to be narrow banded with all of the radio’s in the county. Newer equipment needs to be purchased for the older sirens in the county because they can’t be narrow banded. Terri said that she is trying to get in touch with all of the fire departments to see if the updates have been done.


Joe Rogers, Director, reminded the commissioners that the county currently has two flood plain ordinances. One is written and enforced by the commissioners and the other is written in the zoning ordinance and enforced by the BZA. Both ordinance are conflicting each other.

Mr. Rogers said that the DNR is now requesting counties to update their Flood Plain Ordinance and they have set a deadline of March 13, 2013. DNR has submitted a model ordinance, which is what they would like the county to implement. Their model ordinance has the ordinance in the Area Plan Zoning Ordinance and controlled by the BZA. He said that most counties also have the ordinance listed under the zoning ordinance.

County Attorney recommended that the ordinance be amended in the zoning ordinance. The commissioners asked Mr. Rogers to follow-up with the DNR to inform them of what were doing and to work out the deadline issues.

  • Commissioner Diener made a motion to have the county attorney draft an amendment to the Zoning Ordinance to accommodate the DNR’s proposal, seconded by Commissioner Burton. Vote: Unanimous


Auditor Gayle Rogers presented three quotes for a new copier in the Auditor’s office. Quotes were received from the following:

Copier Plus, Monticello Xerox 7535 $ 7,917

Lafayette Copier, Lafayette Toshiba $ 7,686

Smith Office, Lafayette Taskalfa $10,845

Auditor Rogers said that the council did appropriate money to purchase the copier from Copier Plus. Being that the lowest bid was only a $231.00 difference from Copier Plus, the council requested the copier be purchased locally. She asked the commissioners if they would like to lease the machine over a five year period, which would cost $12,883.

  • Commissioner Diener made a motion to accept the bid from Copier Plus and purchase the copier for $7,917 for the Auditor’s office, seconded by Commissioner Burton. Vote: Unanimous


Mike Crabb, Century Link, presented a contract to extend fiber and upgrade the internet service to the courthouse, annex building, and Sheriff’s Dept. Currently, the Courthouse uses a T-1 for the Courthouse’s internet and the DSL for the Annex and Jail’s internet. The goal is to displace the DSL service with Ethernet service at all the sites. There will be a primary 20 megabyte at the Courthouse that would displace the T-1 circuit.

The quote is $1,920/month for the Ethernet and currently the county is paying a little over $1,600/month.

  • Commissioner Diener made a motion to accept the proposal from Century Link to upgrade the data service in the county buildings, seconded by Commissioner Burton. Vote: Unanimous

There being no further business to come before the commissioners, their meeting was adjourned.






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John C. Heimlich, President Steve Burton, Vice President David Diener, Member

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Gayle Rogers, Auditor