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The White County Area Plan Commission met Monday, March 11, 2013, at 6:00 p.m. in the Commissioners’ Meeting Room, Second Floor, County Building, Monticello, Indiana.

Members attending were: Charles Anderson, Jim Annis, Richard Lynn, Jim Mann, Dave Rosenbarger, Mike Smolek, Dennis Sterrett, Dave Stimmel, Donald Ward, and Brad Ward. Absent members were: Mark Bentlage.

Also attending were Attorney Abigail Diener, Executive Director Joe Rogers, and Administrative Assistant Erin Carlson.


Visitors attending were: See Attached

The meeting was called to order by President Charles Anderson.



Minutes: There was a motion by Richard Lynn and a second by Jim Annis to approve the meeting minutes of 2/11/13 as written; so moved.

Road Planning for Lakeshore Hills Subdivision: Director Rogers advised that he had received a request from the owner of Lakeshore Hills Subdivision, Ms. Choosri Sixbey, to extend a road south from the subdivision down to CR 375. As it stands now, access to the subdivision comes from the north and crosses a bridge which is in disrepair. The owner would like to provide more reliable ingress and egress with a new road. The question before the board is, would such a road addition constitute a plat amendment requiring APC approval, or can it be handled outside the amendment process? The County Highway Department has stated they have no issue with this request, as long as the new road meets County standards so that the County may take ownership upon completion.

Denny Sterrett asked for clarification as to exactly where the road would be constructed. Director Rogers answered that it would start at Gemini Court and extend straight south from the cul-de-sac to CR 375. He added that the subdivision owner was prepared to acquire the property where the road would be added.

There was additional discussion regarding actual ownership of the proposed road, and how to ensure such a road met all County requirements. Director Rogers asked for a motion allowing Ms. Sixbey to move forward with plans without requiring her to apply for a plat amendment; or, in the alternative, a motion requiring her to proceed with the plat amendment application process.

Additional discussion about property purchase and road building specifics occurred. It was agreed that Ms. Sixbey would need to buy the property, build the road, and then dedicate it to the public so that the County could assume responsibility for it.

Don Ward moved that this project not be considered an amendment to the plat. Mike Smolek seconded. Motion passed with a vote of 10-0. Director Rogers advised Ms. Sixbey that she could move forward without a plat amendment.

Business Continued to 4/18/13: Director Rogers advised that the remaining business (see business item #2 on the agenda, attached hereto as Exhibit A) have been continued until the 4/18/13 meeting due to his being out of the office unexpectedly after an injury.



#332 - Finnwood Estates Subdivision

Following a summary by Director Rogers, including a reading of the Tech Review Committee minutes and the results thereof, President Anderson asked if there were any questions for Shirley Keesling, property owner and developer of the proposed subdivision. Jim Annis asked for clarification on the plat, asking if the area in the southeast corner of the original parcel is still part of Lot 1. Director Rogers and Ms. Keesling confirmed that it is.

As President Anderson began asking for a motion on the petition, it was noted that 2 audience members had approached Ms. Keesling and that a side conversation was taking place. President Anderson asked the audience members to approach the podium and introduce themselves for the record. They introduced themselves as Tom and Nancy Mathew, neighbors of the property in question (across the way), and noted they had received the public notice mailing and wished to attend to view the subdivision diagram. President Anderson asked Mr. Mathew if he had any concerns, to which he responded he did not, now that he had seen the diagram. Jim Mann asked Mr. Mathew if he was on the north side of E Lake Rd 15 W, to which he responded affirmatively. Director Rogers provided Mr. Mathew with a smaller version of the subdivision plat to take with him.

President Anderson asked if there were any further questions for the audience. When there were none, Dave Rosenbarger motioned for a vote on primary approval of the subdivision, and Mike Smolek seconded. Ballots were then passed out to all board members by attorney Abigail Diener. President Anderson announced the results, as follows: 10 votes cast; 10 in favor - Subdivision is approved.

Director Rogers reminded the petitioner to bring a mylar original of the subdivision plat to the office to be approved prior to recording.



#1008 Smith Erickson Farms Inc; requesting a rezone from A-1, General Agriculture District to A-2 Agricultural Industry District.

#1009 White County Commissioners; requesting a rezone from L-1, Lake District to B-2 General Business District.

Director Rogers advised that, since per statute legislative bodies cannot represent themselves in matters before the Area Plan Commission, he would be representing the White County Commissioners in the rezone hearing. He then provided a summary of the rezoning request and a reading of the Staff Report, explaining that a large piece of property once housing the County Home was split off, removing the lake frontage that the entire parcel once had and leaving the portion still housing the CDC and Visitor Center without lake access. L-1 zoning is reserved for residential properties with lake access; therefore the current property's use is incompatible with L-1 zoning. In order to bring it into compliance with the zoning ordinance, it is necessary to rezone the property to B-2, General Business.

There being no questions from the commissioners or from the audience, Mike Smolek moved that the board vote on the matter. Dave Rosenbarger seconded, and the ballots were passed to board members by Ms. Diener. President Anderson announced the results, as follows: 10 votes cast; 10 in favor - Rezone is approved.



Closing Business

Director Rogers provided an update as to the status of Area Plan administration following an injury.

Mike Smolek shared concerns about the directional signs in the Norway area being too small and difficult to read. Director Rogers gave a brief history of the County Commissioners' reasons for allowing these directional signs for businesses with overnight accommodations, and why they do not wish to see them made larger or allow more signs than are currently in place. However, Director Rogers, after consultation with the business owners to which the signs apply, has agreed to go back to the County Commissioners in the spring and discuss potentially larger signs.



There being no further business, President Anderson adjourned the meeting at 6:38 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Donald W. Ward, Secretary

White County Area Plan Commission

Joseph W. Rogers, Executive Director

White County Area Plan Commission





March 11, 2013 - 6:00 p.m.

2nd Floor Conference Room

White County Building

Monticello, IN 47960



6:00 P.M.: The White County Area Plan Commission will meet in Regular Session pursuant to Indiana’s Open Meetings Law, I.C. 5-3-1-2 (b):

READING OF THE MINUTES – February 11, 2013


1. Road Planning For Lakeshore Hill Subdivision

2. Business Continued Until 4/8/11:

a) Manufactured Home Subcommittee Report

b) Flood Plain Ordinance

c) Road Center Line/Right-of-Way

d) Communication Towers

e) Manufactured Homes Enforcement

f) Signs on Farm Property (Off-Premise & On-Premise)

g) Amendments (Appendix A, Chapters 2, 3, 8)


1. #332 - Finnwood Estates Subdivision

That part of the South Half of the Southeast Quarter of Section 8, Township 27 North, Range 3 West in Union Township, White County, Indiana, also known as 4632 E Lake Rd 15 W.




1. #1008 - Smith Erickson Farms Inc, continued: Requesting a rezone from A-1, General Agriculture District to A-2 Agricultural Industry District.

2. #1009 - White County Commissioners: Requesting a rezone from L-1 to B-2.

That part of the South half of the Southwest quarter of Section 16, Township 27 North, Range 3 West, Union Township, White County, Indiana, containing approximately 26.777 acres, more or less, more commonly known as 5053 Norway Rd, Monticello.